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🎁❤️Celebrate the mother figures in your life. Great gift ideas to show them your love ❤️🎁
🎁❤️Celebrate the mother figures in your life. Great gift ideas to show them your love ❤️🎁

How it Works

A. Choose your Colour

When you click 'Personalise Yours Now', you will start off the process by choosing your preferred colour scheme.

Colours available are pink, blue, and multi-coloured and items will correspond to your colour of choice. So if, for example, you choose pink, all items within the cake will be in a mixture of pink and white. Same applies to the other colour options.

B. Choose your Size

Secondly, you will choose the number of tiers for your Nappy Cake. 

Tiers are the number of layers a nappy cake has and we offer 2-tier cakes hence having 2 layers, 3-tier cakes having 3 layers and 4-tier cakes with 4 layers.

You are then directed to the final product page where you will choose your items tier by tier.

C. Choose your Items

D. Delivery

Once you finish the personalisation process, your last step is to choose whether you want your cake to be delivered to you or directly to your recipient. Should you wish your cake to be delivered to the recipient, please make sure to insert your recipient's address and phone details in the Shipping Address section during checkout.

E. Good to Know

At the bottom of each page you will find designated tabs for item specifications, Gift in the Box item details and a quick view of any related products you might also be interested in.

Please note that if any item becomes unavailable, this will be substituted for a similar item of equal or higher value (at no additional cost). In the scenario that no such similar item is available, you will be contacted accordingly. Also, pictures shown are for illustration purposes only and actual products may vary due to customisations.

Please also note that parents gift boxes vary in size and content from one nappy cake size to the next hence it would be best to look at the tabs at the bottom of the product page to have an exact idea of what each gift box includes.

F. Pricing

The price of each nappy cake is the price for one whole complete nappy cake. However, there are some additional costs related to certain options due to their upgraded nature. Such additional costs are always depicted near the items and global price changes immediately once chosen. When such an item is unchosen, the price reverts back to its previous price.